Monday, February 10, 2014

Pomegranite Soup

By: Marsha Mehran
Location: FIC MEH
Genre: Food Lit with a bit of Ireland and Iran chucked in.

Its a big genre at the moment, the food and ethnic thing. The biggest last year was Jodi Picoults The Storyteller, which I read over summer as well as this book. They are right up my alley, and then there is Tomorrow there will be Apricots, which is ths same deal, but I am picking on Pomegranate Soup for my review on this genre. Why?
I reckon it will appeal more to you guys, it has a couple of powerful love stories, one with a 15 year old girl and it contrasts that with a long love of an elderly Italian couple. New love vs old, there is power in both. There is also some great threads of real history that helps us understand people of other nations that come to live in our lands. They come to us- hurt!
So this is an immigrant story that tells the struggle of three sisters moving from the violence and hated of the Iran revolution to the sheltered and bigoted village in sea-coast Ireland. Except some of the villagers are not bigots, they are bigger than than that...
It has great recipes,  great character development, and my new found favourite food of summer- pomegranates, I love how they explode in your mouth with a burst of freshness, a bit like three sisters arriving in a small town that needs new life.
Great read and if any of you are older than me and read The little World of Don Camillio
 - you will love this book! Oh - there is a recipe for pomegranate soup- just have to try it, it looks delicious!!

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