Monday, September 15, 2014

Going to Extremes

By: Derek Grkelewski
Location: NF 796.0993
Genre: The Great Outdoors of New Zealand

What is an adventurer?
 Are they the hard core cavers, the ice climbers, the grade 5 kayakers or could adventurers look different.  My husband is an outdoor instructor and he has explored New Zealand underground, on the water, up the mountains and in the hills.Yet perhaps my mate Shannon a fire fighter is also an adventure? A captain of an ocean liner, or a wildlife conservator are also adventurers. The definition of "adventure" is an unusual and exciting or daring experience where the outcome can be uncertain.
New Zealanders have no excuse not to be adventurers, we do not need to go to the extremes- but we can go bush, we can bike tracks, we can visit Island Sanctuaries. This book will inspire us to do so!
 The stories in this book all explore and reveal some unexpected element of the extreme. They transport you to extraordinary, unknown and inaccessible places, and to meet a diverse range of people, some forgotten, some 'elite', some 'ordinary'. 

The common thread is the inner fire, the passion and the commitment these people have to discover and explore their worlds

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