Monday, September 1, 2014

Snow White

By: Keith Austin
Location: FIC AUS
Genre: A Fairystory Horror

This is no fairy tale- it is a horror story!!

When I was about 15  I baby sat these cute boys- they were about 5 and 7.  I took them to a showing of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  It is such a sad sad movie-Snow White dies, murdered by the wicked queen and the dwarves were heart broken. There step mum had just died. I could not stop myself- I cried. THEN she miraculously came alive again- and the dwarves were so happy- I cried again!! The boys were slightly confused regarding their baby sitters behavior!
 This story is different-  this version is dark and horror filled.
It is set in the  UK and is about a boy called John Creed. He is an orphan looked after by his very eccentric grandfather. John lost his parents in a car accident that left him with three horrific scars running down one side of his face. These scars have unfortunately left him wide open to bullies at school and makes John a very tortured character but he is not alone. He befriends a strange girl called Fyre. 
Fyre is an outcast herself as she is an albino. Together they form an unlikely friendship, a friendship that will be tested to the limits as John has been having nightmares about a huge white wolf that is hunting him. Unfortunately for the pair it turns out that this dream is actually a reality and they are about to face a danger that they could never have expected.
"Up there with Stephen King and Neil Gaiman... you want to savour every page."
 Guardian Childrens book reviews

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