Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Child's Elephant

By: Rachel Campbell-Johnston
Location: FIC JOH
Genre: Africa- Poaching and Child Soldiers

Africa- I will be there in three weeks time- again. The dust, the amazing light, the stark villages full of amazing people who add the color the land does not.  The hopes and dreams of the people who live a simple yet rich community life. The old lady who lives to love her grandchildren under the Rift Valley wall- praying for rain so the crops will be good- ah Africa.

 I also will be visiting the David Sheldrick Elephant Trust. This place takes in baby elelphants that are orphaned by poachers who go for their mums ivory. It will be my fourth visit and I still will be rushing to see those elephants drinking from their bottles!!
100 Elephants are poached PER day in Africa. Just about nothing is cuter than a baby elephant and in this story a boy called Bat finds an orphaned baby elephant he calls Meya, and he takes her home to raise it in his village on  the savannah.
Elephants are herd animals and eventually Bat will have to let Meya go back, but the thing with Elephants is that they never forget and they are very emotional beasts.
In the mean time Bat is kidnapped by soldiers and becomes a child soldier himself. Will Bat the boy and Meya the Elephant reconnect to bring healing to Bats broken world.

"Scary, Funny, heart warming" Michael Morpurgo

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