Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Half a man

By: Michael Morpurgo
Location: PIC MOR
Genre: The War

Some books resonate. Some books make you inspired, others make you reflect, and some like this one make you be still.
I had a great uncle who went to war. He was a bit scary, very quiet, he had hidden worlds, untold stories, a depth you could not touch. We were told never- ever- talk to Uncle Ray about the war. Funny thing- in his 80's he published his story, I bet he was waiting for someone to pierce his darkness, they never did, so he wrote about it. He was a POW in Nazi Germany- twice! I read his story, but I wish I had heard it.
 We lose much by being silent, the healing we can give but can't because there are things "never to be told"- is a lost gift.
In this story a grandson is banned from ever, never asking about his grandfathers face, his burns, his scars. He had hidden worlds that were forbidden to be pierced- except his grandson did, he entered the story of his grandfather and the healing of worlds began.

This is a powerful tale, of endless pain of loss, redemption, the horrors of war, the psychological  torment, the physical scars and a families brokenness   and one boys journey to know that there is never such thing as 'Half a man"!

Maybe my Uncle Ray had more to say than we ever knew!! We just never heard him, we never asked, we weren't allowed too and that was wrong! That is why when  I read this story, I needed to be still.

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