Thursday, October 23, 2014

So it was, and I read!

This blog has been a bit quiet of late, that is because you cannot access the  Internet in Magugu.
Magugu is in Tanzania and for three weeks I was privileged to be there and work in the Joshua Foundation School. The cool thing is that we are setting up three libraries , two in Magugu and one in Arusha. Soon the kids there will know the joy of choosing and reading a book. I am sure they will never read this blog, in many ways it will be meaningless to them, what they need, what they want- is books with paper pages to turn. Stories to get lost in, stories to expand their world. Working with the teachers in the Joshua School was a wonderful experience and watching the kids reading was stunning. So sorry for not being here, but it was fantastic being with them!
I read a bit myself when I was away, the best book was called -A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman, it is a stunning story of community building in Sweden, which is as far away from Magugu as you can get, but the essence of building a community of people transcends race and culture.
I also read 'We need new names " by NoViolet Bulawayo. It was like reading a book that was actually living outside the guest house door.  I loved it!!!
So now I am back in New Zealand with nice new shiny books to review for you, remember there are kids all over the world who value books like treasure. They know that books and the ability to read, and to speak English is there ticket to a life that provides food, clothing and shelter. Why is it we forget that....

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