Thursday, October 30, 2014

Traitors Blade

By: Sebastien De Castell
Location: Fic  DEC
Genre: Epic Fantasy

" A wild dance of fights, treachery and jaw dropping surprises"
Dave Duncan

"One hell of a good book" Conn Iggulden.

There is nothing like a good swashbuckling.  I love the movie Princess Bride- it is full of good ol swashbuckling.
swash·buck·ler (swshbklr, sw├┤sh-) n. 1. A flamboyant swordsman or adventurer. 

But mix that with fantasy and history and you have a potent combo!

n Traitor’s Blade, Sebastien de Castell has succeeded in deftly crafting a sword and sorcery delight that harkens back to a simpler time when grimdark did not rule the shelves and fantasy readers expected to be entertained with humor as well as action. Here, the characters’ playful banter and sword fighting flare is near equal to the legendary Three Musketeers and makes this a debut novel that should not be missed by any true fan of action and adventure tales. The simple fact is that Traitor’s Blade is a swashbuckling adventure that brings the fun back to epic fantasy!

The story itself follows Falcio, friend of the former king, and his companions. This group of Trattari, or “tatter-cloaks” were once members of the legendary "Greatcoats", who traveled the land enforcing the king's justice, and dealing out punishment to those who dared oppress the weak. It was a glorious life, which filled Falcio, First Cantor of the Greatcoats, with a sense of accomplishment as he tried to right the wrongs that he himself had experienced so well when the old king had caused the murder of his wife. But all dreams come to an end, and so to did the dream of the Greatcoats when the Dukes of the land united and executed the king.
there are a few times when our light, witty swashbuckling adventure turns dark and grim with a torture scene or an over-the-top villainess or even some bad flashbacks for Falcio or an all-knowing benefactor, but none of these “issues” ever overshadowed the brilliance of this book. From first page to last, Traitor’s Blade is exactly what it sets out to be: an exciting, witty adventure that any fantasy aficionado will adore.
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