Monday, March 16, 2015

Mind Games

By: Teri Terry
Location: FIC TER
Genre: Dystopic / Sci Fi
Good thing: It is a stand alone. You don't have to read a series. 

 We  put implants in our doggies- but us??

Luna lives in a world where the majority of the population has an implant allowing them access to a virtual world. Everyone learns, lives, plays and interacts in this virtual world. Luna is one of few “Refusers”, who choose not to have an implant and do things the old way, like learn in a physical classroom with physical teachers. When she does enter the virtual world, we discover that she has a dangerous secret: she is aware of both the virtual world and the real world around her.
The idea of the implant technology is creepy because it’s really not hard to imagine that it could happen in our society in the future. The thought of being able to attend school whilst actually chilling at home in pyjamas, being able to alter how you look, visit different worlds, it all sounds great, right? Considering the speed at which technology advances nowadays, it’s not difficult to envision a future with this kind of technology. The thought of a corporation like PareCo controlling and tracking us is what makes it scary. 

If you like YA dystopian fiction and you liked Divergent then this is a must-read book for you

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