Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Secrets of Codes

By: Paul Lunde
Location: NF 652.8 LUN
Genre: Signs, Symbols, Ciphers and Secret Languages

I got his book on appro and the boys demanded I purchase it- so here it is.
The Sudoku fans, those that love a good code-cracker puzzle in the newspaper and those fascinated with secrets of the coded variety are going to love this book.
It looks at international Codes and how they and ciphers work, why they were invented and how they have been cracked.
It has over 500 photos and illustrations which are great to peruse through. It looks at a hot topic- secret surveillance- how this is done and why it is done, so if you are worried you are being spied on- then this book is for you!
It looks at different codes that deal with war, love, commerce and crime from the earliest of human days until the cyber digital age.
If you want to understand the world of hidden messages and codes- then give this book a crack!

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