Friday, March 27, 2015

The Incorruptibles

By: John Hornor Jacobs
Location: FIC JAC
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Ok is this the cover of the year so far- it is very cool! I could not figure out what genre to place this under - it has it all!

adventure, alternate-history, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, science-fiction, epic-fantasy

“I was once a useful political piece for you to play on the board. You did, even though I begged you not to. And now I am no longer a useful piece for you. My name has been sullied irrevocably. In the forum and the senate hall and the finest tricliniums in Rume, when they speak my name they whisper – matron macula. I will never marry again. I will never be able to appear in any public familial function for fear of shaming the Cornelian name. And why? Because as a strategist, you played me poorly!

"What a strange mash up. Its a fantasy world with elves, dwarfs, magic and demons but the setting is pretty much the wild west if it was run by the Roman Empire. Its pretty much a fantasy equivalent of Firefly .
It would all be a bit too much but the author has created brilliant characters. Shoestring as narrator is brilliant and the rest of the cast are an interesting mix. Add to that a well constructed story line with enough mystery and vendettas added and its a great and very original book". Paul-

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