Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back from India

By: The Blogger
Location: Library office
Genre: Be the change you want to see

I just got back from India, disappointed that the books recently published were pretty up to date with what we have here now. I wonder why  John Green is so published over there? I mean what has Paper Towns, or Finding Alaska got to do with a teenager from Dehradun whose life is scripted for him or her. Yet there they are- perhaps as an ultimate form of escapism or the hope of a dream never to be realised.
It was awesome being able to take 9 Kiwi teachers to help and support education in India and a real buzz listening to kids read books we took from New Zealand in English- these kids now do have a hope and a future and perhaps even dreams that may be possible because they are educated in schools that believe in them and dream for them.
I got the flu so I did not visit the bookshop of insanity- but my daughter did and here is the evidence.
So now I am back at work but I will not forget those kids loving learning, loving books and having teachers who are now better equipped to help those kids achieve their dreams- there is hope!

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