Friday, July 24, 2015

Beautiful Dogs

By: Carolyn Menteith
Photos by: Andrew Perris
Genre: Dogs:)
Location  NF 636.7 MEN

This book is a stunner, and it has made many people in this library laugh- a lot.
It looks at 40 breeds of dogs and gives a precise on each one. This includes the temperament of each breed of  pooch. What made us laugh- matching the doggie with the student or teacher.
Shih Tzu is a happy friendly dog that is extrovert and loves life and is equally at home tramping across the countryside as it is cuddling up as a lapdog- just like Chloe!
Pomeranian- small in size, big in personality with endearing looks and a docile temperament- just like Megan! Kings Charles Spaniel- friendly, happy, intelligent, trainable and affectionate and does well in obedience classes- hmm  Gabby!
Foxhound- escape artists who hate training-  pack hounds- to all the waggers in the library- this is you! Chihuahua- self-important guardians which uses its tiny but surprisingly accurate sharp teeth- that would be the deans who come in looking for certain students! Boston Terrier - friendly and good natured, a great friend,outgoing and social and loyal to their mates but they snore and maybe slightly stubborn- Mr Nick!!!
Griffon Bruxellios- it has long eyelashes, and a cheeky face, they are playful, inquisitive and a fun pet and like a good game- just like Jaz!  Labrador Retriever-  A guide dog, that always looks happy, a great companion and gets on with children- works hard all day but loves good food- to all our English Teachers out there!!

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  1. Agree- many, MANY moments of laughter- thanks Glenys and Year 13s!
    Mrs Featonby