Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Earth- a Visitor's Guide - Weird , Strange, Bizarre ... and True

By:Ian Harrison
Genre: Real weird stuff that happens here on Earth
Location: NF 030.2HAR - Lying all over the place in the library- it is one of THOSE books!!!

A guide to Earth, this title is packed with everything you ever needed to know about our planet and the people who live in it - and a lot you probably don't.

Its Weird
Its Strange
Its Bizarre
Its True...

And it all happens here on planet Earth!

This book tells you the secrets of humans and their planet...
How could the world end tomorrow, where could I get a decent Salami from? What is a perfect body, how do I fight a duel? How can I use a maggot, and what is the best time to escape from a sinking car? What things can be done with a spoon  and what is my body worth? How can I walk on water and how can I save the world? How do you say "I love you" in 100 different languages?
Yes you want to know all this stuff don't you?  
There are 352 chapters of facts, weirdness, knowledge, information, photos ...

In France it is illegal to address a pig as "Napoleon.."

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