Anatomy of a Misft

By: Andrea portes
location: FIC POR
Genre: Youth fiction- love or not, maybe and with whom

What a read! Anatomy of a Misfit is filled with sarcasm, humor, and a whole lot of spunk. This is one of those books where you hear the voice of the story perfectly in your head. Sarcasm included. You’re taken on an emotional roller coaster as you work your way through the pages. One minute you’re laughing, the next you’re in compete and utter shock! I never really knew what was coming, but the short chapters that seemed like a “fast forward” was a hint that told me something was coming.

I felt like this depicted high school perfectly in a way. There will always be that popular girl who needs the attention 24/7. Her sidekicks who will struggle to find their own voices, but one who will help lead the other one to do so. The popular boy with the older brother everyone loves. And the guy who went through a complete makeover over the summer but is still considered the nerd. It’s the circle of life in the high school food chain.

But this isn’t just a quirky read about the woes of a high school girl. This book is so much more. It has so much depth, that at times, I needed to put the book down and take a deep breath before continuing on. Be sure to take a deep breath because the ending will knock it right out of you and leave you stumbling over your own emotions. Man! What a punch to the gut, not only to me as a reader, but to Anika, the voice of the story. So much heaviness, but the reality is…it happens. It’s a good reminder that you never know what the person next to you is going through.

I truly enjoyed this unique read and will certainly be purchasing a copy for my own bookshelves. Yes, it’s a heavy read, but it’s a pleasant reminder to use your own voice and to not worry about what other people are thinking about you. Follow your heart or else it might be too late.
 (less)   Review By Heather Anne- Goodreads,com


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