Mrs Featonby is back!

Hi everyone,

While Mrs Bichan is in India I promised her that I would try and write a blog entry or two.

I decided that these holidays I was going to start at 'A' in the library and take out every book that I wanted to. Well... I may have gotten a little carried away and worked myself to 'C' before I stopped and thought about how I was going to carry all of my books home. Mrs Mannell looked impressed with my selection (not so sure about the student librarians on duty though... I kept on bringing books up!)

Anyhow- I am reading a book that the library has had since 2013- so let's call this blog post a 'Throwback'.

By: Linda Castillo
Location: FIC CAS
Genre: Detective/Crime

This is book one in a detective series= LOVE. And yes, I also have out the second book.
Kate Burkholder grew up in the Amish community and revisits it when a suspicious crime takes place.
She revisits the community she grew up in, and is forced to reflect on who she was and who she is.
If you love crime and you enjoy new series- this is one for you!


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