Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ancient Rome in 30 Seconds

By: Simon Holland
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Genre: Old stuff in a cool book

My son and his wife have been in Rome.
They did the things people in Rome do, the fountain, the art, the Vatican, the Colesseum, the steps, and the dealing with the broken into car and having all your stuff nicked.
Back in the days, those robbers if they got caught would off have to go to the Colesseum for a wee date with the lions. If anyone is in Rome and sees anyone dodgy wearing a  rugby Chiefs shirt- let me know!!!
So what was ancient Rome like, and how can you find out super quick without reading Asterix? Well this is your book. Smart, quick, easy to follow and full of delicious graphics and art. Best book ever for a quiz night and when you go to toga parties you might even be able to recite a few helpful facts about all things Ancient Rome.

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