Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Adventures of John Blake

34593692By: Philip Pullman
Location: GRA PUL
Genre: Sci Fi/ Time Travel- Graphic Novel

"This is Philip Pullman’s first graphic novel and what a way to start! It is the story of the Mary Alice, a ship that is caught traveling through time. Her crew is from all over the world and from all parts of time. But they are in danger as one of the most powerful men in the modern day is searching for them because the boy on board the Mary Alice, John Blake, knows his secret and could ruin him. When an Australian girl falls off of her family’s boat, she is rescued by John and taken aboard the Mary Alice. Now she has a chance to save them in return, if she can.

 It is full of guns, explosions, and fights that make it a wild read. Then there is the historical piece to it, something that slows the intense momentum and makes the book warmer and more vital. Add in the touch of ghostly science fiction that moves the ship through time and you have a rich mix of genres that is impossible to stop reading."- Tasha-

"Holy. Moly. If you miss the action-packed, scenery-laden, time-traveling pirate-adjacent girl-powered mystery adventure Philip Pullman of The Golden Compass, you are in for a TREAT. The Mary Alice is a ghost ship that travels under a pall of dense fog. It has been sighted all over the world... for centuries. Governments, scholars, and powerful men are obsessed with finding her. But why? And when a young Australian girl is swept overboard on a trip with her parents, WHO picks her up but the crew of this odd and ancient schooner!

What a great yarn, and marvellous, crystal-clear art to go with it." - Pam

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