Thursday, August 3, 2017

Genesis Fleet

33798711By: Jack Campbell
Location: FIC CAM
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Space Opera
Series: Genesis Fleet#1

Lost Fleet - large fleet battles, small marine actions; Phoenix Stars - small fleet battles, large army battles; Genesis Fleet - tiny fleet battles, small army battles.

"Jack Campbell is one of my favorite military Sci-fi authors. I am a big fan of his “Lost Fleet Series” and its various spine-off series. This new series, “Genesis Fleet” is set in the time before the “Lost Fleet”, in other words, it is a prequel to the “Lost Fleet Series”.

War weary Earth refuses to be the policeman of the universe any more. Without a universal policeman to keep order, the pirates and two-bit plundering dictators are in full force. The four main characters to emerge are a failed politician, Lochan Nakamura, looking for a new start; an Earth bureaucrat, Carmen Ochoa, who grew up on anarchic Mars; a former Marine, Mele Darcy, looking for something to fight for and a former Naval Officer with the name of Robert Geary.

The book is well written. Campbell’s trademark is he creates men and women doing what is right even if it is difficult or unpopular. Campbell also attempts to use actual physics in his space battles. The book is full of action, strong characters and complex politics on multiple worlds. I cannot wait for the next book in the saga. "- Jean-

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