Monday, September 24, 2018

Floored- When Seven Lives Collide

By: 7 authors of amazingnessLocation: FIC BARGenre: Contemporary youth fiction

Sara Barnard

Holly Bourne

Tanya Byrne

Non Pratt

Melinda Salisbury

Lisa Williamson

Eleanor Wood

If I got stuck in a lift with a bunch of other people, I would want to select them very carefully. These guys had no choice..

When they got in the lift that morning, they were strangers. Sasha, who is at the UK’s biggest TV centre desperately trying to deliver a parcel; Hugo, who knows he’s by far the richest – and best-looking – guy in the lift; Velvet, who regrets wearing the world’s least comfortable shoes to work experience; Dawson, who isn’t the good-looking teen star he was and desperate not to be recognized; Kaitlyn, who’s slowly losing her sight but won’t admit it, and Joe, who shouldn’t be there at all, but who wants to be there the most.
And one more person, who will bring them together again on the same day every year . . .

"What I loved about this book was the diversity of the characters' personalities with each one having a unique (even if sometimes clichéd) identity. 
Kaitlyn was fiercely spunky but underneath that bravado was someone a lot more insecure and dealing with a major life changing disability. 
Sasha was so quiet and the glue that held everyone together but showed how the quiet, stoic ones are in need of as much friendship as anyone else. 
Velvet was insecure about everything and judged herself by how others judged her.
Hugo was the quintessential rich boy desperately trying to prove he's more than another cliché. 
Dawson was famous for a while but struggling with no longer being a cute child-star and coming out again. 
And Joe who was just too nice for his own good! " Goodreads review

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