How the Brain Works: The Facts Visually Explained

By: DK but also people with the surname Collin!!
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Genre:  Science, the brain, great graphics

This is good, Catherine Collin and Tamara Collin helped write this, that is my maiden name and I have never seen a book written by a Collin before and even better- it is a brainy book.

Also why do I always write Brian instead of Brain!

Maybe the answer is in this book!

Have you ever asked yourself why you can't remember anything from before the age of three, why we experience déjà vu, or indeed how a bundle of cells in our heads can produce the remarkable phenomenon that is human consciousness?

 Drawing on the latest neuroscience research, this visual guide makes the hidden workings of the human brain simple to understand.

How the Brain Works begins with an introduction to the brain's anatomy, showing you how to tell your motor cortex from your mirror neurons. From anatomy, it moves on to function, explaining how the brain works constantly and unnoticed to regulate processes such as heartbeat and breathing and how it collects information from the external world to produce the experiences of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The chapters that follow cover memory and learning, consciousness and personality, and emotions and communication.

There's also a guide to the brain's disorders, including physical problems, such as tumours and strokes, and psychological and functional disorders, ranging from autism to schizophrenia.
Illustrated with bold graphics and step-by-step artworks, and peppered with bite-sized factoids and question-and-answer features, this is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of the human brain


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