Husana's Story

By: Farid Ahmed
Location: FIC AHM   
Genre: March 15th, Forgiveness, #theyareus

It is a day I will never forget, a day we should never forget, it is a day we have stories. These stories need to be remembered, told, written and sung about. We re-tell so we never ever forget and that helps to put a stack in the ground that it should never ever happen again. Farid Ahmed is a proud kiwi, and a man who through his faith has forgiven, a man who embraces peace and love. A man who is learning to move on, in hope of a better world, one without his wife, but a forgiving one...

Husna's Story is written by Husna's husband Farid Ahmed. They were praying at El Noor Mosque in Christchurch when a gunman burst in and shot and killed 51 people and injured many others in a terrorist attack. This book tells Husna's story, describing the day of the attack - in all of its normal, mundane detail up until the tragedy, and then the horrendous tragedy of what followed. Interwoven with this is the story of Husna's life, telling of the selflessness and bravery with which she lived her life. As well as looking after her paraplegic husband, Husna was an important member of the community, helping women when they were giving birth, running classes for children and helping many others. Her last selfless act was going back into the mosque to look for her husband on that fateful day. She had already led the other women and children to safety. Tragically she was shot. Husna's husband, Farid Ahmed, quite incredibly, forgives the alleged killer. His remarkable philosophy of forgiveness, peace and love is an example of how religion and faith, through personal application, can be a tool for navigating the most horrific of tragedies.


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