Insignia Series

By: S.J Kincaid
Location: FIC KIN
Genre: Dystopia and Sci Fi -WWIII

"I highly recommend this series to anyone out there who wants to try out a YA sci-fi. This is one of my favourite series EVER!"

“He felt like anything was possible around her, like his life meant more, like he meant more.”

S . J. Kincaid has created a fascinating dystopian world for Insignia, her futuristic science-fiction adventure series perfect for fans of Ender's Game. Earth is in the middle of WWIII, battling to determine which governments and corporations will control the resources of the solar system.

Teen Tom Raines grew up with nothing, some days without even a roof over his head. Then his exceptional gaming skills earned him a spot in the Intrasolar Forces, the country's elite military training program, and his life completely changed. Now, in Catalyst, the explosive series conclusion, dangerous changes have come to the Pentagonal Spire, where Tom and his friends train. When a mysterious figure starts fighting against the evil corporations' horrifying plans, but with methods Tom finds shocking, he must decide which side he's on.

With slim odds of success, is it even worth the fight?


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