By: Michelle Obama
Location: NF 920
Genre: Best First Lady Ever
(maybe Eleanor Roosevelt too)

This was my first lock down read. I had been meaning to read this ever since it came into the library but others had snaffled it, so when the lock-down was announced I got in first!
What a great story of a humble woman who is driven to be the best she can be and was given the support she needed by parents who selflessly nurtured their kids.
It is a story of  a normal family, in a normal city doing normal life. It is a story of working in and around the cultural contexts of birth and place and busting out of those to become extraordinary.
This story in our context would be of a young Pacific Islander growing up in South Auckland, going to Onehunga High and then studying Law at Auckland University and then becoming a national female figure of huge importance.
What strikes me is the depth of drive, intelligence, the security of identity forged in the arms of whanau and  utter determination to use all she has to be useful to all she knows.
Tomorrow on TV is the doco that goes with this book, Im going to watch it because I feel the need for another dose of inspiration and some hope that their are  some leaders in the USA who deserve  our attention and our respect.
Great read, great role model, and inspiring as a woman, a mum, a leader and a human being who just wants to make her world a better, kinder, and equitable place.


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