Poet X

By: Elizabeth Acevedo
Location: FIC ACE
Genre: Poetry, identity, coming of age.

Lock down Read Two:
I loved this book, it was powerful, punchy and very readable. It is so nice to have time to read, I think as librarians we often don't get that time, the reviews I out on here are what I glean from other reviewees and it my way of getting to know our collection, but to have space and time to actually read, is a beautiful thing.

This book is stunning, I read it in one hit. Some parts of this book resonated with me strongly as I too tried to find my way as a young woman from a strong Christian backround. I loved the culture threads, I loved the poetry, I loved the sibling connection and I loved the relationship narrative.
Most of all I loved the sass of a young woman who was prepared to fight and stand for all she believed about herself and her world, her fists, her mouth and her  inner strength are what stands out for me, as she stands up for herself. And what girl doesn't need a strong loyal mate to journey with her, if only more did.
Great one sitting read, that made me tear up, made me want girls to be resilient and made me proud that we have writers that give adolescent  woman voice!


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