By: Julie Pugeat
Wrinkles by JR | Children's Books | Phaidon StoreLocation: PIC JR
Genre: I'm going to be a Nana G again any day now!

This book is simply beautiful, it is a picture book of amazing photos of our older generation and it explains to kids the beauty, power, wisdom and gentleness of wrinkles.
It honors the journeys of the elderly, it is truly a beautiful book.
 Im getting a few of those wrinkles myself now and any day , I will have another grandson to let trace them with his beautiful little hands. This book is in honour of him, come on little man, come and see us!!!!

"A lyrical, poignant ode to wrinkles and the stories they tell, by the world renowned photographer and public artist JRThis first-ever picture book by internationally acclaimed artist-photographer JR allows young readers to consider the lives and stories of the older people around them"

Wrinkles by JR | PAMM Shop  Wrinkles by JR | Children's Books | Phaidon Store


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