Book of Lies

By: Teri Terry
Location: FIC TER
Genre: Family, secrets, relationships, magic, morality

My dad is an identical twin- he is 8 minutes older than his brother- they are nearly 80 and  are still best friends who have done life together. They have the twin vibe, they "know" things about each other, they purchase the same clothes without knowing, and  they have had such a rich life because they have done it together.  to think they could be separated at birth and have different lives is unthinkable.... That is what happened to Piper and Quinn

Piper and Quinn are twins separated by their Mother when they are tiny. Piper has a good life with her Mother and Father in a nice house with a somewhat normal childhood. Quinn is left behind with their Grandmother in a remote house on the moors. Quinn is brought up in a frugal household with no schooling, harsh punishments for small misdemeanors and infrequent visits from her Mother who is indifferent to her or sometimes cruel. When their Mother dies the twins meet at her funeral and their lives are changed forever as family secrets are unveiled and they discover that they are not so ordinary but have a power within them which if unleashed, could have catastrophic consequences.

" ....I wanted to find out what happened in the end and have a better understanding of the mystery around the hounds, the wild hunt and dark and stormy moor" TARA


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