New Guard- CHERUB SERIES- The Last One

By: Robert Muchamore
Location: FIC MUC- goodluck with that- it will be out for ages...
Genre: Cherub

Phillip our head librarian from 2015 just bowled in here and exclaimed that this was by far the best Cherub Book he has read! I would say that is a fairly honorable recommendation!

Phillip says it involves a very dangerous mission involving the main characters from the previous series having to come back to join the current Cherubs and do a undercover mission into Islamic State to blow up an oil station and rescue some kidnapped engineers- like Mission Impossible
... now that sounds scary and if you ask me this combo of Cherubs may not value their heads!

Ryan Sharma is a CHERUB agent. Working undercover, he can slip under adult radar and get information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail. 

Now he's investigating a double kidnapping, working with mission controller James Adams. 
In the mission to end all missions, Ryan and James must assemble a team of legendary CHERUB agents to find the hostages and bring them home ..


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