Pulse Series

By: Patrick Carman
Location: FIC CAR
Genre: Dystopia
Series: Pulse
#1 Pulse
#2 Tremor
#3 Quake

"Fans of sci-fi and dystopian alike will enjoying the thrilling ride Carman has created with the Pulse trilogy. A emotionally charge roller coaster ride of super awesomeness"- Brooke

A futuristic world where a genius has created children with the power to move objects with their minds, first pulses; and others with the same abilities but who also cannot be physically harmed, second pulses.
The genius, as all good ones are, is evil. In an effort to save the world, he has the entire US population now living in one of two cities; the Eastern and Western. Few live in the wasteland that is the bulk of the nation, Faith and Dylan do. They are second pulses, shown the ways of the evil genius, and sworn to end him before his nefarious plans can come to fruition.
Wade and Clara are the "children" of the genius, they too are second pulses. Sworn to do their father's bidding, unaware of his final goal, they work tirelessly to end Faith and Dylan.
The trilogy tells the story of Faith's discovery of her pulse, the history of Hotspur Chance, the genius; and the battle between good and evil.
A great YA read with a strong female lead that will keep you hooked!- Suzanna

“You don't get to choose what the world would require of you. You got to choose only how you responded.” 

― Patrick CarmanQuake


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