Throne of the Crescent Moon

By: Saladin Ahmed
Location: FIC AHM
Genre:  A fantasy adventure with all the magic of The Arabian Nights.

“Simple things ought not to be taken for granted.” 
― Saladin AhmedThrone of the Crescent Moon

" Come for the sword fighting, but stay for the humane message at the heart of this terrific fantasy"-

A sword & sorcery fantasy set against an Arabian Nights backdrop. The story follows the paths of three unlikely characters: Adoulla Makhslood, an aging disgruntled mage and the last ghul hunter left in the city who's still hunting ghuls; Raseed bas Raseed, the mage's young pious protege who, unfortunately, has no magic of his own but has been blessed with great strength; and Zamia Badawi, a young gifted (but self-righteous) shapeshifter from a desert tribe who no longer has a home. These three are drawn together by circumstance--a powerful sorcerer is creating powerful ghuls and letting them loose to slaughter in the desert. For Adoulla and Raseed, it's their duty to rid the land of evil, but for Zamia the journey is one of vengeance and self-sacrifice. There's also a royal conspiracy plot running in the background.

This is a fun story and I enjoyed it quite a bit. There's adventure, tension, humor, awkward first love, retirement jokes, fights over customs and ideologies, and a good amount of peril.- Mimi


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