The Leopard's Tail

By: Nicola Davies
Location: EAS DAV
Genre: Animal rescue

So in two days I go to India with RATA Teacher Support- I guess that is why these blogs have been about my places in the world over the last couple of days. No blogging for a few weeks sorry people! I will be hanging out with a bunch of amazing Indian educators who although formally untrained are making a huge impact in the lives of the students that they teach and our job is to support and encourage them in this!

There are leopards in India!

Malik loves exploring the mountains near his village in Armenia, and he's never forgotten the leopard he once saw as a very young boy. But the night he hears a shot from a poacher's gun ring out across the mountain he knows his leopard is in grave danger. As Malik strives to find out who would want to kill such a beautiful creature, he uncovers a villainous plot that will mean not only the death of his rare and beloved leopard, but will harm every other living thing in the mountains too.
This book is an easy read but it is a powerful yarn!


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