Make It- Gift It

By: Mari Bolte
Location: NF 745.5 BOL
Genre: Crafts

I do not do crafts- ever, prefer to run a marathon- which I've never done- than to make crafts.
Id prefer to clean a hotel full of bathrooms than do craft. I just dont like making things- unless its food The only good things I have ever made are my kids- I might embarrass them saying that- but it is true! I tried to knit my daughter a cute baby jersey cause good mums do- my friends basically did the whole thing- I made coffee! My mum has just taken a cross stitch I was doing for my son when he was two- it was a cute fire engine. he loved fire engines. She is going to finish it for me- he is now 26.
But I know some people LOVE crafts and so I bought you a book.... enjoy!

There's nothing more fun than giving the perfect hand-crafted gift! From simple hostess gifts to fully personalized gifts for that very special someone, Make It, Gift It has everything you need to get started. Learn how to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for every important person in your life...


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