Friday, July 20, 2012


By: Chris Cleaver
Genre: Sport Drama
Location: FIC CLE

I was excited- I found this book in a bookshop in India- stoked!! It was cheap and on the cover it reads " For sale ONLY in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan". I had a book by a well known author- bought cheap and ONLY in the sub continent!! Only thing is- it was also on sale at my local bookshop here in New Zealand- oh well, mine copy has a story!
So what is Gold about? It is about competing in the Olympic Games, it is about going for Gold. The event is Woman's Individual pursuit- in reality- won by my own towns' Sarah Ulmer, but in this novel by Zoe Castle. This is another reason I am excited about this book- because every sport loving person in this country will never forget Sarah Ulmers race- ever! But is more more than bike racing- it is also about fighting for life- and fighting against child cancer.
This review sums it up..
“, Chris Cleave has written a novel that encompasses love, compassion, and tragedy through which emerges the goodness of mankind and the importance of friendship. One reads the pages of Gold like they were racing Kate and Zoe on the track of the velodrome—fast, unstopping, breathing hard until the next page where you have to hold your breath to see who wins the heat….Emotionally stunning, brilliantly written…You will hold on for the ride.”
—Annie Philbrick, Bank Square Books, Mystic, CT

AND- it has a fantastic cover!!!!

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