Monday, July 30, 2012

Running witht the Kenyans

By: Adharanand Finn
Location: 920 FIN
Genre: Sports Biography

An epic quest to discover the secrets of the worlds greatest runner.

One can only assume that in a few weeks we will see the Kenyans take to the streets of London in the Marathon, and own the Olympic Stadium in the long distance track events. How can a people from such a poor nation,with no high performance technologically advanced  training centres that have funding from mega multinational bodies- win ?
I have been to Kenya and they do run everywhere, but does that make an Olympic Champion,  every Olympic  year.
This book is both an investigation and a personal journey, Running with the Kenyans is for everyone who's ever wondererd why the Kenyans are so fast- and what they might teach us.
In the mean time- I will brush up on the words of the Kenyan national anthem because we will be hearing it a lot coming from the winning podium of the London Olympiad.

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