Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oathsworn Trilogy

By: Robert Low
Location: FIC LOW
Genre: Historical Fiction

The Whale Road, The Wolf Sea and the last in the trilogy The White Raven- make up the Oathsworn Trilogy.
Vikings- yes they are in my families blood- in fact my husband carries a known trait- a crooked little finger. These books are about life on a savage Viking crew that fight hard, drink hard and always defend their own. They are a brotherhood called -Oathsworn. They are fiercely loyal but they also are adventurous- searching for relics, hunted cursed treasure and sailing treacherous waters.
Bernard Cornwell  says " A company of warriors, desperate battles, an enthralling read" Willaim Napier calls these books " Historical writing at its best". I wonder if any of the characters have a crooked litle finger?

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