Friday, July 20, 2012


By: Timothy Dalrymple
Genre: Sport
Location : NF 920 LIn

This guy is a legend, New Zealanders are not huge fans of NBL, but this guy is known- he has a reputation- and its good. So I got this book specially cause I want to know why? What makes him tick, what drives this guy? He is not a world class player- but he has guts and determination that makes teams he plays in shine, and today I hear he has switched to another franchise who want his sparkle.
The back cover doesn't help
" The more you understand about Jeremy Lin, the more you'll agree. The story of his journey to the NBA is just as improbable as the story of what he did once to get there?"
Maybe it has something to do with his faith "My audience is God".
Whatever it is- I am keen to read this book and find out why Jeremy Lin has a cult following and hopefully employ some of that in my own game of hockey!!!

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