Friday, July 12, 2013

Cathy Glass Books

By: Cathy Glass
Location: NF 920
genre: Misery Memoirs

We have just purchased 5 new books by Cathy Glass. Damaged, Cut, Run Mummy Run, The Saddest Girl in the World and A Baby's Cry.
They are a direct result of student request.
These are stories of foster children, the abandoned, abused, hurt, neglected, orphaned, disturbed and disabled. They are stories of how love, boundaires, care- food, sleep and cleanliness can bring healing into those most vulnerable, but also the most healable- children.
My Mum and Dad fostered a boy- he was 8  and I was 12- his story has been written- it could be any of these actually, I have seen, felt and lived with the pain of a child who is hurt, abandoned, and abused- I have also lived with that boy who is now a man, I just went to his wedding and I am having dinner with him tonight. Fostering heals, it returns, it rebuilds and it gives hope.
So these books as much as they are devoured by our readers for the thrill of reading about a screwed up life- I also hope screams with redemption and hope of a lasting and powerful kind!

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  1. Mrs Bichan your awesome and right as well. For those who would consider foster care, do it. The difference for me was life and living death. It was success and failure. I am a success because some people took a risk.