Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hidden Among Us

By: Katy Moran
Location: FIC MOR
Genre: Fantasy

"A winning combination of mystery and magick."  Celia Rees

Elves from ancient times- yippe LOTR and Hobbit stories- love elves. Probably becasue I want to be tall and slender and fair, I look more like a hobbit- in fact I could be one! Maybe that is why my sons have taken up pipe smoking!
Elves- elegant, beautful, magical - but are they nice?
Hidden Among Us is the story of fourteen year old Lissy Harker who returns to Hopesay Reach, the isolated town where her mother grew up and she herself was born. Sheltered by her overprotective mother, Lissy is totally ignorant of the bargain made for her life and the dark world of the Hidden to which she is bound. Her life is turned upside-down when she encounters Larkspur, a member of the Hidden, a mysterious group of elven people whose secrets are woven into the very heart of Hopesay Reach. Caught in a century’s old fight, Lissy, her brother Rafe and their companion Joe struggle to find out the truth about the Hidden and escape a deadly promise which can never be broken.

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