Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Happy Life

By: Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Erikssson
Location: EAS LAG
Genre: A story for children that all the students in here think is cute!!!

My first day at school, twas many a day ago but I still remember it. I had a flash school bag, rather like a suitcase, my pink lunch box rattled around in it, and my togs neatly wrapped in my Minnie Mouse towel , scrolled in the corner of my suitcase bag. My mum drove the school bus, so she took me to school on the first day, and my sister keeper ditched me- other more important people to be around.
Dani in this story is about to start school and to help her sleep she recalls everything that makes her happy. Sometimes this is hard, her Mum died when she was little and her trusted most bestest friend shifts and leaves her alone. Happiness, sadness, the emotions of children somehow are the visible expressions of what we adults hide so cunningly, but we like Dani feel and sometimes we just wish we could let them all out as children so willingly do.
Great illustrations, a powerful story and I had to wrench it out of a top YR 13's hands- it got her!!!

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