Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trafficked-My story

By: Sophie Hayes
Location: NF 920 HAY
Genre: Real life stuff

Why is this a Sunday Times Bestseller? Why is it that the senior girls in the school will devour this book? Why is it we are drawn to the pain and hurt of other peoples stories?
Is it because we somehow sit pretty knowing this is what others go through- but never us! Is it that we feel somehow disconnected with the journeys of others and yet we want to be in their story somehow. Is it a grand sense of rescue and compassion that we feel when we read these stories, or is it for some- we see our life in print, someone has revealed on paper what our life is in reality.
I remember talking to a woman about Once We Were Warriors and she explained to me that by watching that movie I would have an understanding of her story, it was a movie of her existence, she found it awesomely empowering.
This story is about a young woman getting on with life in the UK, she has a job and pathway for her life, and then she meets a guy. A nice caring guy. He offers her a holiday in Italy- why not, perfect! Until he holds her there with manipulation, threats and fear and forces her into a life of working on the streets. This is her story, after her escape.
So why do we have this book in our library,why will the girls want to read it? It is a warning, a testimony to the power and evil one human can exert over another- it is a warning I don't mind our students holding and keeping. Read on....

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