Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eleven Eleven

By: Paul Dowswell
Location: FIC DOW
Genre: WWI

War books- You have to have them, write them, explore the issues they throw up. I feel sickened by the consequences of war- dead young men. I have walked those cemeteries in Europe, rows of 19 year old lads, potential of love, life, contribution- lost- buried under ground. It is such a waste. And I don't care what nationality, what side, what accent or colour. These boys had Mums, Dads, hopes and dreams, talents and significant contributions to make and they were stolen.
This books tells of three such young men, all from different nations.
"Set during the final 24 hours before the armistice at 11 a.m. on 11th November 1918, the story follows a German storm trooper, an American airman and a British Tommy. Their destinies converge during the death throes of the first ever conflict to spread across the globe. War becomes incredibly personal as nationality and geography cease to matter to each of these teenagers on the Western Front, and friendship becomes the defining aspect of their encounter. But who will live and who will die before the end of the day?"

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