Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The One Plus One

By: JoJo Moyes
Location: FIC MOY
Genre: Family, love, law and a dog

Majestic, utterly compelling" Independent

"Truly beautiful. Made us laugh, smile and sob like a baby- you simply have to read it" Closer

One single mum

One chaotic family

One handsome stranger

One unexpected love story.

This book I started to read in my office, and what happened to me was what happened when I read Fault in Our Stars before it was famous. I could not stop reading it. Students were on wheelie chairs, racing, there were crashes, carnage, there was trojans on memory sticks, but did I care- oh no- I had to find out.....
The dog - Norman, the maths whizz, and the love story- would it all work out.You see in her other books JoJo left us hurt, would she in this one.. is there hope, is there meaning and redemption, can my day continue.....

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