Thursday, April 10, 2014

Halo - Boxed Series

Contact Harvest by Joseph Staten
The Cole Protocol by Tobias Buckell
Ghosts of Onyx by Eric Nyland
Genre: XBox Game converted into books

So what is it with Halo?
Humans, aliens, conquests, Covenants, Hesiod, Rubble, Harvest Citizens...  and stacks of students before and  after school camped around the computer blasting to death with supersonic guns random things that scream around the screen.

So maybe I don't like Halo on the computers at school, maybe I could ticked off at "bad use" of the computers, but hey if you are in the library, surrounded by books, after school and then you see a Halo Book, that you could read- then whammy- we have a win-win!!!
So here is the deal- I let you play- if you read the books- how simple is that.

This is how it began... It is the year 2524.  Harvest is a peaceful, prosperous farming colony on the very edge of human-controlled space.  But we have trespassed on holy ground--strayed into the path of an aggressive alien empire known as the Covenant.  What begins as a chance encounter between an alien privateer and a human freighter catapults mankind into a struggle for its very existence. But humanity is also locked in a bitter civil war known as the Insurrection.  So the survival of Harvest's citizens falls to a squad of battle-weary UNSC Marines and their inexperienced colonial militia trainees.  In this unlikely group of heroes, one stands above the rest...a young Marine staff sergeant named Avery Johnson

Oh one last thing- a halo is really a sign of holiness- it has nothing to do with a "military science fiction x box game". Just saying--- these two things are mutually opposed. I know heaps about one and zip about the other.

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