Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Awesome World and Savage World

By: Discovery Channel
Location: All over the library I reckon
Genre: full of amazingness- facts, photos and stuff.

OK these books are seriously cool- full of information, jammed packed with amazing images, and I know they will be found all over the place as you all look through them.

Its the ultimate guide to the awesome world.

Its awesome!
It's brutal!
It's jaw dropping!

5000 extraordinary facts, 1500 spectacular images, 100 fascinating subjects.

The airbus A380 weighs as much as 165 elephants.
Sharks can smell bool from 1.6km away.
Temperatures get to 49 C in Mali.
Elephants walk 480km every year to find water and food.
the Chrysler Building is 77 floors and is 319 m high.
The heat shield of a spacecraft entering the Martian atmosphere is hot enough to melt gold...

There are heaps and heaps more amazing facts with amazing pictures. This is such a cool book to just be with and peruse through!

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