Friday, June 26, 2015

India and Books

I am off to India and I will be visiting the craziest bookshop ever in a place called Mousserie or Queen of the Hills. If you want a book at the bottom of the pile- well you have to unstack the pile until your chosen book can be plucked out to safety. The books in India are so much cheaper than here in New Zealand and the publishers get books earlier there- so I will come home with a selection of new titles- can't wait.
In the mean time- have a great holiday break, enjoy the winter reading weeks and if you find any good books I need to know about send a message on our library Facebook page
 or leave a comment below.
The blog will be back again on July 20th and over the holidays I am expecting a stack of new titles to arrive!
Until then-Alavidā and Acchī taraha paṛhēṁ.
Goodbye and read well!

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