Thursday, June 18, 2015

Not forgetting the Whale

By: John Ironmonger
Location: FIC IRO
Genre: Fiction with a dab of a post apocalyptic story and set in a very English Cornwell!

This is a kind of book I will chuck at Miss Featonby, Ms Bigge, Mr Mannins or Miss Bichan!!

They say this book may restore your faith in human nature!

Intimate, funny and deeply moving, NOT FORGETTING THE WHALE is the story of a man on a journey to find a place he can call home.

When a young man washes up, naked, on the sands of St Piran, he is quickly rescued by the villagers. From the retired village doctor and the schoolteacher, to the beachcomber and the owner of the local bar, the priest's wife and the romantic novelist, they take this lost soul into their midst. But what the villagers don't know is that Joe Haak worked as an analyst and has fled the City amid fears of a worldwide banking collapse caused by a computer program he invented. But is the end of the world really nigh? And what of the whale that lurks in the bay? 

"This is a wonderful book that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a heart-warming tale, where you can discover the often hidden traits of ordinary people without anyone wagging a finger in your face from the moral high-ground. Superb"  Wendy

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