Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot

25733216By: Horatio Clare
Location: FIC CLA
Genre: Animals and an incite to depression that is different

"Full of insight, sensitivity and humour, with a touch of magic." Agnes

"Here is writing and storytelling at its best. Here is a wondrous tale," Michael Morpurg

Aubrey’s father, Jim, has fallen under an horrendous spell, which Aubrey is determined to break. Everyone says his task is impossible, but Aubrey will never give up and never surrender – even if he must fight the unkillable Spirit of Despair itself: the TERRIBLE YOOT! 
 Aubrey notices his dad becoming sadder and sadder, before a charismatic and energetic English teacher, he now seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and doesn't play, talk or even get out of bed anymore. Aubrey determines to help his dad, especially when he discovers that it's the 'terrible Yoot' that is making him so sad and despairing. He even finds that he may have some help, when animals begin to talk to him and offer their assistance.
  This book tackles the difficult subject of depression with verve and vigour, in a book that is both a touching family story and a thrilling adventure.


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