Tuesday, April 11, 2017


By: Steve Toutonghi
Location: FIC TOU
30962180Genre: Sci Fi

“Unmet promises are rarely empty; rather, they’re filled with the unspoken things people don’t want to do or can’t do.” 

"It's an immensely readable near-future hop that gets progressively dystopia- Brad"

What does it mean to be human, and what happens when humanity takes the next step in its evolution?

When Join arrived, it was hailed as a miracle: a technology that allowed humans to join consciousnesses. To experience perfect, constant companionship through multiple bodies. To never die.
But Chance and Leap--two joins of five and four respectively--discover a terrifying malfunction in the technology.
Chance and Leap must journey into the climate change-ruined heart of North America and the communities of never-joined -ferals- in search of the only ones who can dismantle the technology: the ones who created it.

"Steve Toutonghi's debut novel, Join, is one of those science fiction books that stick with you much like the work of Philip K. Dick or, more recently, Jeff VanderMeer. It's the kind of book that comes up while you're at work or socializing or brushing your teeth. Its themes both challenge and provoke, all with an engaging plot. I was hooked. In fact, it's rare that I have to force myself to slow down with a book.

Set in a near future where Earth is ravaged by extreme weather events, we find ourselves confronted with the technology of Join: the merging of individual consciousnesses into a single person. Join is the crux of the story, the partial cause for tragic events on a personal and, ultimately, global scale.

Throughout the novel, Toutonghi takes us on a journey into the ramifications of Join. Masterfully weaving beautiful prose and dark humor, he examines the ideas of individualism, mortality, gender, and consciousness while staying grounded in humanity. Toutonghi never goes too far, poking and prodding these ideas just enough to ask questions and challenge us, the reader, to provide the an
swer to an even bigger question: what does it mean to be human?"- KM- Goodreads.com

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