Monday, June 12, 2017

New Zealand Great White Sharks

35008490By: Alsion Ballance
Location: 597.3BAL
Genre: Sharks!

Did you know you can track sharks online and see where they are, and they real names like Doris.
it is very cool

Once you have tracked a few you might want to find out a bit more about them, this is where this book comes in, it has heaps of info on our very own Great White Shark...

Great white sharks are one of the world's most impressive and familiar predators - but until recently we knew surprisingly little about them. This book changes all that, opening a window into the amazing world of New Zealand's great whites. Join Kiwi shark scientists Malcolm Francis and Clinton Duffy as they track great white sharks from the cool waters of southern New Zealand to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical Pacific.

"Alison Ballance, New Zealand scientist and science reporter for Radio New Zealand, is the ideal person to write this book about the latest research on New Zealand's Great White Sharks. The book is based on the New Zealand great white shark project, which began in 2005 and was inspired by ground-breaking work by Australian and United States scientists, who had started electronically tagging the species in 1999. With topics such as: How Old is that Shark?, On the Menu, Built for the Kill, How Sharks Navigate, Shark Sex and Baby Sharks, this book is packed full of interesting information, ideal for school projects. Accompanying the wealth of information are many, many photos and diagrams and the book is completed with a very detailed index and a glossary.  "- Bookrapt reviewed this on

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