Friday, June 9, 2017

The Last Hope

20986461By: Gendrine Wolf
Location: FIC PLI
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Series: Oksa Pollock #1

... shooting fireballs, flying, telekinesis, walking on walls, mood weather changing, super hearing and super speed to usage of magical weapons.

Oksa Pollock is a normal thirteen-year-old girl, starting a new life in London. New lives, new friends, a new school and new adventures. But bizarre things start happening around Oksa she finds she can produce fire from her hands, move objects with her mind, and even fly. Finally the truth emerges...her family fled Edefia, their magical, hidden homeland years ago. And more than that: Oksa is their queen... 

Oksa is an ordinary teenager who recently moved from Paris to London with her parents Pavel and Marie and her grandmother Dragomira. She was lucky because her best friend Gustave Bellanger also moved to London with his parents and now she doesn't have to feel alone and left out in a new city. Friends are ready to face the challenges before them, new school (where everyone mysteriously speaks French) and many new acquaintances. The worst thing that happened to Oksa until that moment was her new school uniform which partly consisted of a skirt and her new awful mathematics teacher, professor McGraw.

That is, until one day she accidentally sets her doll on fire with a fireball shooting out of her hand. And if that weren't enough she could also fly and move objects from a distance. When a mark began to appear on her belly she decided it was time to tell her grandmother about this. The eccentric Dragomira was shocked and delighted by the turn of events. She gathered the family and her friends and all of them together told Oksa her origin.

They were all from a mysterious land called Edefia or at least their ancestors were. Edefia is located on Earth but is hidden from the rest of the world and no one has managed to find his way back to it yet. Until Oksa. Because Oksa is the new queen and together with her grandmother who also carries the mark they just might be able to find a way and save both lands from their dark future.

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