Monday, August 6, 2018

The Unpredictablility of Being Human

By: Linni Ingemundsen
Location: FIC ING
Image result for 9781474940634Genre: Young Adult

Meet Malin, a fifteen-year-old who sees the world differently. Malin knows she couldn’t change much about her life, even if she got to play God. Her dad would still yell all the time – especially as Malin is still friends with Hanna, the girl she met shoplifting. Her mum would still say a glass of wine is good for her heart – and Mum needs it, with Malin’s brother, Sigve, getting into trouble all the time. And Malin would still be Malin. Because she can’t be anybody else.

"This is a beautiful book; a poignant view into a specific time in Malins' life when life comes crashing into her world. A coming-of-age vignette, there is no real plot, so to speak. But that actually enhances the feel of the story. Malin is a brilliant character, clever, bold and quite naive. She also has Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is Malins' perception of everything going on around her that tells the story and creates a fascinating view into human nature; the things we protect, the things we hide, what we can and cannot deal with as human beings, our hopes, our fears and our frustrations. There are many issues dealt with in the book. All of these are handled with great sensitivity on the part of the author, making it an insightful and emotional read, with moments of real humour and light."- Mary

This is a heartfelt book and quiet and sad but hopeful. It has secrets and confusion and anxiety and loneliness. And just the way it captured loneliness??? So accurate-
 C Drews-

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